1. K

    [MMO] Impersonate User 2.1.3

  2. Pep

    User Message Background

    Add to extra.less .message-background (@mbUserName; @mbBackgroundUrl; @mbBackground-size; @mbBackground-position: false) { .message[data-author="@{mbUserName}"] .message-inner { background-image: linear-gradient(to top, @xf-contentBg, fade(@xf-contentBg, 60%)), @mbBackgroundUrl...
  3. K

    [MMO] Set User Online 2.0.0

  4. K

    [MMO] Post Mention User 2.1.0

  5. K

    [MMO] Mention User 2.1.1

  6. K

    [MMO] User Ban History 2.1.1

  7. K

    [MMO] User Ban Info 2.3.0 Beta 1

    Displays information about blocking a user in his profile. A blocked user is removed all privacy settings, all registered users and guests can see his profile, regardless of what privacy settings were set for the blocked user.