1. Pep

    Tiled view of forum statistics

    First, switch the position of the statistics widget to below / above the list of nodes, since the code is suitable only for such positions. Add to extra.less .block[data-widget-key="forum_overview_forum_statistics"] { .block-minorHeader { display: none; }...
  2. K

    [MMO] Coin Widget [Free Add-ons]

    A new product by kick is available: [MMO] Coin Widget 2.1.2 - [MMO] Coin Widget 2.1.2 Description Bitcoin and Litecoin donation buttons. A widget with details for donations of Bitcoin and Litecoin is added to the sidebar. For each of the systems, the number of donated funds and the balance...
  3. K

    [MMO] Coin Widget 2.1.3