[MMO] Coin Widget

Bitcoin and Litecoin Donation Buttons
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XenForo 2.1
[MMO] Coin Widget
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Bitcoin and Litecoin donation buttons. A widget with details for donations of Bitcoin and Litecoin is added to the sidebar. For each of the systems, the number of donated funds and the balance are displayed. The wallet is specified in the plugin settings. The project name is taken from the forum settings and leads to the main page
Donations are welcome and will be directed to the further development of this project, as well as to other projects related to cryptography.
Use the following details to donate.
BTC: 1GES7p8MxWriLQhvP72HpMn4z7VsGjBrEz
Thank you for your support and generosity!

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XenForo 2.1
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