[MMO] User Ban History [Free Add-ons]


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Apr 7, 2020
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A new product by kick is available: [MMO] User Ban History 2.1.1 - Adds ban history information to the profile

[MMO] User Ban History 2.1.1


The add-on adds an additional tab to the ban history.
Also, the add-on has the ability to configure who can see the lock history.
When editing locks, entries are not added to the history! If you change the reason for the lock, then in the history it will not change.
The supplement writes everything in a separate table, and there are also additional columns where you can completely customize the story for yourself.
Also, if the reason is not indicated for blocking, N / A will be indicated or depending on the transfer.
In addition to this, a minimum of custom phrases is used in addition, and 90% of phrases are used from the forum engine.
If the addon is claimed, then in the future the ability to edit the reason for blocking in the history will be added and the extension of the essence of the block to the event handler will be rewritten.
Attention! A minimum version of XF 2.1.4 is required for additions

Extended Product Information

  • Profile tab for user ban

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